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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Vision of Students Today

Here's something to think about: These kids will be running the country in the near future. How prepared are they?

After watching this, I have some really mixed feelings about a lot of things...the internet, in particular.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Satan for President, 2008?

There is a neat little tool available called Anti-Christ Hunter v6.6.6 that will help you find those people that are in league with Satan.

I decided to put it to good use and provide a service to the voting community by identifying all the U.S. Presidential hopefuls and how they score.

Let's see who is in league with Satan...

This concise list is based on the candidates for ALL parties and independents, not just the major two. (candidate list provided by vote-smart.org)

In alphabetical order:


Name Score Notes
Laura Davis Aaron 942  
Stephen Adams 750 16% in league with Satan
Virginia E. Algar 798  
Donald Kenneth Allen 1026  
Thomas Wayne Allen 1128  
Gene Amondson 756 10% in league with Satan
Yul L. Anderson 960  
Jose Miguel Aparicio 1128  
Roland G. Aranjo 780  
Michael Andrew Arterburn 1398  
Blake Ashby 516  
Warren Roderick Ashe 1170  
George Brent Bailey 1020  
Jared Arlen Ball 690 76% in league with Satan
George H. Ballard 690 76% in league with Satan
Jedidiah Elijah Wendell Kennedy Banks 1170  
Jon Jay Banks 732 34% in league with Satan
Terry Lee Barkdull 1134  
Daniel James Barnett 1038  
Bob Barr 348  
Michael W. Bay 612 46% in league with Satan
William David Beadles 1002  
Carl Durantye Belle 1068  
William F. Berg 702 64% in league with Satan
Joseph R. Biden 750 16% in league with Satan
Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias 2022  
Sheila Bilyeu 768  
David Michael Bishop 960  
Greg Black 396  
William Hobert Blakley 1290  
Michael R. Bloomberg 948  
John Douglas Blyth 1158  
Matthew Jay Borman 1134  
Jacques Yves Boulerice 1422  
John Taylor Bowles 1284  
J. Boydston 744 22% in league with Satan
Robert Edwin Boyer 1188  
Ryan Joseph Brady 1086  
Dewey R. Broughman 1074  
Elaine Brown 708 58% in league with Satan
Jeffrey Earl Brown 1098  
Edward Allan Buck 792  
William Jason Burns 1272  
Emperor Caesar 822  
John Lee Campbell 798  
Dan Byron Canfield 882  
Raymond Joseph Caplette 1470  
Myrtle Charlotte Carlyle 1626  
Jerry Leon Carroll 1206  
Anthony Lungo Carter 1386  
James Harlin Carter 1050  
Willie Felix Carter 1146  
Patrick Cazneau 894  
Janice Marie Chase 744 22% in league with Satan
Jeanne Chebib 469  
Liza Dawn Cherricks 1104  
Todd Marvin Clayton 1260  
Hillary Rodham Clinton 1386  
Eamon Patrick Clune 1086  
Stephen Colbert 972  
James Cooper 720 46% in league with Satan
Hugh Cort 600 34% in league with Satan
Michael James Cortney 1194  
John H. Cox 582 16% in league with Satan
Eric Leland Creviston 1248  
Randolph Wilson Crow 1434  
Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise 1554  
Orion Karl Daley 960  
HRM Caesar St Augustine
De Buonaparte
Jack L Dietz 606 40% in league with Satan
Christopher J. Dodd 1056  
Susan Gail Ducey 966  
Michael Christopher Dutcher 1614  
Earnest Lee Easton 1068  
John Reid Edwards 942  
Max Englerius 888  
Philip Epstein 948  
Lou-Gary Espinosa 1182  
Nickolas Bevan Farmer 1134  
Clarita Fazzari 906  
Lowell Jackson Fellure 1386  
H Neal Fendig 510  
Bennie Lee Ferguson 1056  
Richard Earl Fleharty 1152  
Michael Keith Forrester 1368  
Robert Leonard Forthan 1374  
Heather Fox 660 94% in league with Satan
Dory Frank 672 94% in league with Satan
Elizabeth Mason Frothingham 1614  
David Ernst Furniss 1332  
Ida Cecilia Garza 654 88% in league with Satan
Anne Hart Geisler 936  
Daniel A. Gilbert 714 52% in league with Satan
Donald Robert Gillen 1122  
Rudolph W. Giuliani 1194  
Wrendo Johnson P. Godwin 1572  
Albert Gore 618 52% in league with Satan
Mark Blair Graham 798  
Peter Samuel Grasso 1284  
Maurice Robert Gravel 1278  
Raymond Ferrill Green 1314  
Jon A. Greenspon 918  
Jackson Kirk Grimes 1158  
William Long Hale 918  
Albert Hamburg 768  
Dennis M Hanaghan 792  
Gerald Lamar Hankins 1008  
Curtis Hayward 1020  
John Robert Henry 1170  
Henry Hewes 780  
Samuel B. Hoff 648 82% in league with Satan
Joe Honeychurch 948  
Albert B. Howard 774  
Mildred T. Howard 924  
Michael D. Huckabee 666
They are in league with Satan!
William Charles Hughes 1278  
Darrel Reece Hunter 1080  
Duncan L. Hunter 930  
Alexander Michael Huton 1278  
Daniel J. Imperato 912  
William Michael Ingram 1152  
Robert Garrison Jackson 1512  
Michael Paul Jingozian 1236  
Jerry Roland Johnson 1410  
Stanton T. Jolley 1212  
Arnold Matthew Jones 1302  
Robert Coleman Jorgensen 1488  
Keith Russell Judd 1188  
Timothy Charles Kalemkarian 1632  
John Joseph Kennedy 1188  
Alan L. Keyes 630 64% in league with Satan
Daniel Melzine Kingery 1308  
Mark Irwin Klein 1002  
David Allen Koch 726 40% in league with Satan
William Ronald Koenig 1224  
Philip A. Kok 648 82% in league with Satan
Yaphet Kotto 936  
Karl Everett Krueger 1332  
Steve W. Kubby 930  
Dennis J. Kucinich 918  
Karen Kwiatkowski 1206  
Dal Anthony LaMagna 978  
Christopher Lafontaine 1416  
God Johan Josephe Lally 1284  
Jared Benjamin Lee 768  
Kip Lee 348  
Monroe Lee 612 46% in league with Satan
Joseph Felix Leonaitis 1398  
Alden Link 492  
Elvena E. Lloyd-Duffie 1098  
Bradley K. Lord-Leutwyler 1608  
Frank Lynch 672 94% in league with Satan
Steven Douglas Mabey 1260  
Stephen D. Macmillan 1014  
Yehanna Joan/Mary Malone 1350  
Greg Martin 672 94% in league with Satan
Mike Benjamin Martisko 1272  
Joseph Martyniuk 1230  
John Christopher Mason 1488  
John Sidney McCain 996  
James Hatton McCall 1020  
Laura Jane McCumber 966  
Frank Edward McEnulty 1308  
Raymond Louis McKinney 1560  
Orleans Victor Mcfoy 1398  
Megally Megally 900  
Lee L. Mercer 576 10% in league with Satan
Kent Philip Mesplay 1266  
Prince Michael 696 70% in league with Satan
Joseph C. Miechowicz 1140  
Hubert Billy Miles 1152  
Robert W. Milnes 1038  
Steven Edward Mirabella 1278  
James Creighton Mitchell 1374  
Sal Mohamed 546  
Omar Jones Monahan 1056  
Brian Joseph Moran 1068  
Robert Edward Moreau 1236  
Howard Louis Moxham 1314  
Abdul (Kareem) Muhammad 1002  
Jesus Bilal Islam Allah Muhammed 1656  
Grover Cleveland Mullins 1578  
Ralph Nader 582 16% in league with Satan
George C. Nelson 834  
Sandra Queen Noble 1002  
Barack Hussein Obama 978  
Lawrence Anthony Obern 1392  
Frederick Eugene Ogin 1086  
Glenda Gail Parker 846  
George E. Pataki 720 46% in league with Satan
Ronald Ernest Paul 1170  
Jeffrey Charles Petkevicius 1686  
George David Joseph Phillies 1560  
Matthew D. Pinnavaia 1086  
Deshon Porter 942  
Michel Anissa Powell 1176  
James John Prattas 1140  
Madison Augustine Primus 1728  
Rajesh Srinivasa Raghavan 1470  
Charles G. Railey 858  
William Nathaniel Raven 1338  
Larry Keith Reed 954  
Bill Richardson 864  
Ralph Marshall Robinson 1470  
Willard Mitt Romney 1386  
Paul Russell Rosenberger 1692  
Gary Rostad 768  
Kamal Karna R Reverend Roy 1500  
Gary W. Ruff 750 16% in league with Satan
Mary J. Ruwart 1008  
Cameron Sadovsky 1110  
Launeil Neil Sanders 1164  
Marshall Samuel Sanders 1410  
Ole' Savior 696 70% in league with Satan
John W. Sawyer 966  
Barbara Ann Scaff 642 76% in league with Satan
Joseph Charles Schriner 1398  
Larry Joseph Schuetter 1596  
Jonathon Sharkey 1104  
Scott J. Sheldon 984  
Jack E. Shepard 606 40% in league with Satan
Freddy Irwin Sitnick 1320  
Christine Smith 1044  
Michael Charles Smith 1116  
Rhett R. Smith 948  
Richard Michael Smith 1086  
Keith Robert Sprankle 1362  
Douglas Stanhope 1062  
Johns Wallace Stevenson 1536  
Michael Sugerman 894  
Vermin Love Supreme 1392  
Kat Swift 654 88% in league with Satan
Charles Joseph Leo Symonds 1680  
Edward Anthony Szynalski 1728  
Tom Gerald Tancredo 1050  
Nanci Jean Taylor 972  
Fred Dalton Thompson 1314  
Michael Tienken 774  
Linda Tompkins-Reagan 1218  
Bruce Calvin Trask 1074  
Corrogan R. Vaughn 1092  
Charles Gordon Vick 1104  
Da Vid 240  
Hugh Wallace 606 40% in league with Satan
Mark R. Warner 840  
Lanakila Washington 1146  
James Louis Dezort Watchman 1770  
Thomas Wells 882  
Ruth Bryant White 1272  
Virgil L. R. Wiles 1050  
Jomo K. Manual Williams 1344  
Kelcey Brian Wilson 1182  
Robert B. Winn 840  
Marc Wolin 648 82% in league with Satan
James Wellington Wright 1584  
Vernon Edgar Wuensche 1326  
Eugene Robert Zarwell 1392  
Frank Zilaitis 930  


So there you have it folks. Now you know who the Anti-Christ is, what he's up to, and who is working with him. And yes, he is a Republican.

No time to thank me for all my hard work hunting him & his minions down...you have work to do!

Go get your own copy of Anti-Christ Hunter v6.6.6 and find out which of your co-workers, family & friends are in league with Satan, before it's too late!!

And tell all your God fearing friends about it! Spread the word!

Your soul depends on it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free Course: Computer Programming I (using C)

University of Washington CSE 142 - Computer Programming I

This is a complete basic introductory course (using C) for beginners that have no previous programming experience, that was offered at the University of Washington during the fall of 2000 (taught by Martin Dickey).

If you have never studied programming, this course was designed for you.

Access to slides, homework assignments & solutions, exams & solutions (everything except the lectures and quizzes):

Here are the lecture videos. It may seem as if they are listed out of order, but they are actually in the proper order in which they should be viewed. Whoever uploaded them numbered them wrong. The entire set of videos is Closed Captioned.

If you want to download them for offline viewing, you can use this site with the URL's provided above.

The textbook they used in this course:
Problem Solving and Program Design in C (Hanly and Koffman)