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Friday, September 07, 2007

Blast from the Past

I have been looking for a bunch of old photos that have been lost in my house for about 2 years. I have looked everywhere for them, hoping they weren't lost forever. Most of these were taken when I was a teen.

My husband was the one who finally found them, under the bed with his baseball cards, of all places.

I decided to scan and share a few with you today.


This is me (age 20), holding my daughter when she was about a month old.

Me (age 16) and LuLu

Me, age 16.

Lil, me (age 16), and Tom.

This is me (age 16) and Dianne, on Tom's motorcycle, in Tom's garage. We were supposed to be doing the thumbs like the Fonz, but just as the picture was being taken, Tom moved the back of the bike and scared the crap out of both of us.

In my room, sitting on my bed.

from left to right: Liz, LuLu, and Dianne.

Me in back. (age 16)

Standing in front of my house in all the snow.

Age 19

Another from same day/location.

The illusion of having photographed 'falling snow' is a bit odd, since there was no snow actually falling. Some weird photography mishap that I had no idea about till the photos were developed.

My daughter (age 4) and me (age 24).

This was taken at Great Adventure.

We are sitting in King Kong's hand.

Sexy witch

Halloween, at Mary's house.

Age 16

My guess would be either age 18 or 19.

I am really not sure, but judging from the length of my hair, it was probably 19.

Christmas, at Debbie's house.

Age 18

Debbie always seemed to give me purses for Christmas, for some reason.

My 19th birthday, with cake on my nose.


Last minute throw together costume.

Age 18

Me (age 18) and my husband (age 28).

New Year's at Bob & Linda's house.

Age 18

I looked really awful...

just finished cooking my first big Thanksgiving dinner.

The cake I baked for my daughter's 3rd birthday.

My daughter

Age 2

Fourth of July

Christmas at Mary's house.

Age 18

Me, at Liz's house.

Age 15

I just woke up.