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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cool Game: Fudoku

Move over Sudoku, there is a new game in town!

From Donald Lessau (creator of Xyplorer) and known_sense, comes Fudoku.

Since the rules are in German, I'll explain how it works...

  • Every column must have a soccer ball.
  • Every row must have 3 soccer balls...no more, no less.
  • You can not place a soccer ball on the gloves.
  • Balls must not be placed in adjoining cells, not even diagonally.
  • Click a ball you have placed a second time, to remove it.
  • You must place all 15 balls.
  • There is only one solution per puzzle.
  • You can pick your degree of difficulty at the top.

This is an example of a correctly solved puzzle:correctly solved Fudoku puzzle

Play Fudoku


Thanks to jgpaiva for the game link, and thanks to JoTo for translating.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to impress your boss

This will either get you a raise...or get you fired.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paul Adams: The Impossibility of Failure

I found an essay today, by a musician named Paul Adams. I happen to like some of his music, so I was doing a bit of research on him and found his MySpace page.

Usually, I will visit the MySpace pages of musicians I like, if they have one, in hopes of finding some free mp3's to download. This time was no different.

Instead I found this:

"... Hitting the wall and making mistakes provides us with invaluable lessons. Playing a guitar, driving a tractor, planting seed, painting a picture, etc. blooms best from error. Failing is a great teacher. Its Gods force of nature molding us like clay. BUT, this is a little different. Clay is the perfect deciple or student. Clay has no part in making the DECISION to become what it will be. It completely surrenders to the artist who molds it into form and reality. Man, on the other hand, has choice. Failure offers to mold us. It is a co-op between Man, God, and destiny. An artist, craftsman, or worker, can use life experience (Failure) as an interplay toward growth and learning. Get up, and have at it AGAIN!. Those who have had a completely smooth ride may not have had the opportunity to test themselves. *Those who do not choose to bend and flex with failure, are missing the opportunity to paint w/ nature and circumstance. They are saying no when God asks them to dance and adjust. They are denying an opportunity to seek out a different perspective. They are saying no when God asks them to learn from mistakes and become better at what they do. We are too busy reacting - we are not listening. ..."


Paul goes on to talk about the best reason for doing anything in life and how sometimes when something is not so good, why it can actually have a higher value than something that is great.

I decided to print the entire thing and save it for the next time frustration sets in and I begin to question myself about why I do what I do, and start having those thoughts about giving up.

Online HTML Editor

Sometimes you have the need to create a quick page for a specific purpose. And it would seem a bit silly to purchase an expensive HTML editor for just the occasional page. And you really don't feel like downloading & installing an application that you won't get much use from.

That's where this nice little editor comes in. It's simple to use and packed with tons of nifty features that you would expect to find in a desktop application.

This is the best free online HTML editor I have found that wasn't associated with some sort of web hosting.

Online HTML Editor


  • Page Properties:
    Interface allows you specify page title, background color, foreground (text) color, upload a background image from your computer and apply a watermark to the image so that it doesn't scroll, and upload a background sound file.
  • Find & Replace:
    Search your page for text, tags, and images and automatically replace all with something else.
  • Highlight
    Use this tool to "highlight" (specify a background color for) selected text.
  • Hyperlinks
    Click to easily convert text to a hyperlink and apply hyperlinks to images.
  • Insert Images
    Browse to locate an image file on your computer and upload it to your page.
  • Table Wizard
    Easily insert and customize your tables. Specify number of rows and columns, alignment, border size, cell padding, and cell spacing. Tables aid in the layout of your page.
  • Insert Bulleted Lists
  • Insert Numbered Lists
  • Insert Horizontal Lines
  • Form Wizard
    Step-by-step wizard helps you to create and insert simple forms into your web page.
  • Insert Text Fields and Text Boxes
  • Easy Text Formatting
    Format your text by selecting font face, size, color, bold, italic, and underlined via familiar word processor type buttons.
  • Paragraph Formatting
    One click aligns all left, right, or center.
  • Button Wizard
    Easily insert buttons anywhere on your page!
  • MORE

Whatever isn't covered by the features in this editor will most likely be covered by their other online tools, listed on the right side of their page.

So no more excuses...go make that web page you have been procrastinating about!


Online Privacy Policy Generator

online privacy policy generatorConstructing a privacy policy for your website can be a complicated task, but it doesn't have to be any more.

With this generator it is as easy as checking off some boxes and filling in some blanks.

They give you the choice between generating an HTML page which you can just save, or emailing you an HTML or plain text copy.



Software for Starving Students

software for starving students Software for Starving Students is a FREE downloadable collection of programs, put together with students in mind (but anybody can use it).

Everything is all on one a single disk. There are both Mac OSX and Windows versions available.

If you ever wanted an easy way to gather and install some the best free software available, this would be it.

Included applications:


Monday, October 08, 2007

The 'New' Amiga (1988)

Originally broadcast in 1988, this 28 minute Computer Chronicles video takes a look at what was then, the brand new Amiga, and the amazing things it could do.

Considering one could own one of these for less than $1000, it made affordable to small businesses and home users, the kinds of things that once were only available to large businesses with tons of cash.

Compared to the capabilities and cost of a PC with MS-DOS 4 or Windows 386/2.1 ($5,000) or a Mac with OS2 ($4,869), buying an Amiga made a lot of sense.

This time warp brought to you by archive.org. High resolution copies of this Creative Commons licensed video are available for download.

Sunday, October 07, 2007