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Advertising opportunities on Cranial Soup

Cranial Soup offers a number of advertising opportunities to fit any budget.

  1. Short term pay-per-day graphic advertising at just pennies per day.
  2. Medium term 90 day text link advertising for $25.00.
  3. Long term permanent text link advertising for $50.00.

Short term pay-per-day advertising is offered on this site through Project Wonderful. This is the cheapest option and will cost you only pennies per day, or possibly even for free! Just create an account at Project Wonderful and you can select which ad box you would like to advertise in, for a number of my websites. Advertising on one site usually gets you a bonus of also having your ad appear on some of my other sites, as well. All ads are no-follow graphic ads and subject to Project Wonderful's terms of service.

Additional advertising opportunities are subject to the following restrictions and conditions:
  1. Your website must be in English. 
  2. Your website must not contain adult content.
  3. Your website must not contain illegal content.
  4. Your website must have a good reputation on WOT.
  5. Your website must not be a splog or other form of spam.
  6. Your website must not be anything that just rubs me the wrong way or makes me feel uncomfortable in any way.
  7. All ads are subject to my personal approval, I have the final say, and I reserve the right to reject any site for any reason.
  8. You must have a Paypal account.
  9. Ads will not run until payment is received.
  10. All sales are final and there will be no refunds.

If you are interested in any of the following advertising opportunities, please contact me. Be sure to include your name, a link to your website, preferred keyword link text and the name of this website in the body of your email, along with which advertising option you are interested in. I will contact you after reviewing your website.

Medium term 90 day advertising is available for your small single line text based ad on my sidebar at the cost of $25.00. These text link ads are do-follow. This is a great opportunity to temporarily advertise on a PR4 blog that could gain you a real boost in page rank.

Long term permanent advertising is available for $50.00 by sponsoring a post. Your do-follow 2 line text based ad will appear at the bottom of one of the many posts on my blog, in a sponsor box. An example of what this sponsor box looks like is at the end of this post. Once I add you to a sponsor box your ad will be there forever. You do not get to choose which post you will be sponsoring. I will be filling in the sponsors starting with the most recent unsponsored post. This is a great opportunity to advertise on a PR4 blog that could gain you a real boost in page rank. Some of my articles rank quite high and get a lot of traffic.