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Monday, March 20, 2006

Linux vs Windows

"The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion."
-- GK Chesterton

This is especially true in technology themed chatrooms.

Recently a programmer was engaged in a discussion about .net programming and how much he loved it and the whole idea of it. There are a few in the room that share his feelings for .net...and a few that don't.

One such guy that didn't share that point of view, decided to twist the discussion into an argument, claiming that Linux was superior to Windows and anything Microsoft could churn out. Of course the programmer didn't agree with him and started making some very valid points to support his own point of view. This ended up becoming a personal attack war with the Linux guy verbally attacking the Windows/.net programmers of the room.

The host of the room, the .net programmer he was mainly aiming his attacks at, ended up having to ban him for awhile, so the Linux guy could go cool off.

Instead of the Linux guy doing that, he hit the room's forum and proceeded to carry on with his attacking there, at which point the host of the room ended up having to delete his posts and was accused by the Linux guy of censorship.

A few days later I came across this little gem:

"The Unix/Linux community is very supportive. Think about your favorite sport and then imagine the team with the most rabid, loyal fans. Linux users are pretty similar except that if you show up at the game cheering for Microsoft, they will 'flame' you (post nasty messages on their forums about you) instead of beating you up in the parking lot."

I guess Windows is better than Linux...at least Windows won't give you a case of rabies. :-P