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Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Clipart: Foodstuff

I decided to make some clipart and share it. Perfect for a food related site or blog, you may use these any way you wish. Use them to decorate your site, create a logo, make a banner, insert them into posts, printed newsletters, restaurant menus, etc.

There are 26 different images, each with dropshadow, png format, each in 2 styles, both transparent and white backgrounds.

If you like these, let me know and I'll make more. If you use them on your site or blog, share a link so I can see.

Shown at 50% of actual size:

Based on Bon Apetit Font

Download link can be found on my art site.


Prasanna Gopalakrishnan said...

Hey, these are great App! I am sure I will get some sudden need to use one of these..

Thanks !

App said...

Making clipart from fonts is a lot of fun...kind of like a more grown up version of coloring books & crayons.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, a woman of many talents. She blogs, cooks and artistically creative. What more can a man ask for. Let me see, how are you at handling the purse strings?

App said...

Frugal to a fault.

And I can write my own software, too.

But...I am already married...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wasn't proposing. There is no way my wife would stand for that.

Still, you do obviously have many talents, which you seem to use wisely and I certainly didn't mean to be flippant with my comment.

Anonymous said...

Damn App, have you shown these to Sable, she would LOVE these, lol

App said...

No, I haven't.

I don't want her to take me prisoner and make me bake pies and pizza all day, for the rest of my life.

But you can post the pizza pic (full size) on v44 and tease her with it, if you want. :-P

I'll wait till I do a set with cats before I show her. She will really like that and probably use them on her site.

Mina K said...

these are great! Thanks so much!

ltrish said...

These will be very useful for me. Thank you!