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Monday, April 23, 2007

Introducing Laggy the Snail

I got an attack of creativity earlier today and this little character was the result.

I made a couple of posts on the DonationCoder forum that were from the same site. Normally, I would include a screenshot of the web page in case mouser wants to blog it.

The problem was, if he decided to blog both, the pages were similar enough that they could be mistaken as being the same image. It wouldn't look right on the blog.

One of them linked to an article about a throttled proxy for the purpose of web designers being able to see what the experience of visiting their site would be for dialup users, at various speeds.

Something about the content of that article hit close to home and made me think of all the time I was stuck on dialup with the old P1.

So I opened up Paintshop Pro and started playing around.

I took a photo of the monitor from my old P1 computer and a screenshot of Firefox from this computer, combined it with some text and drew the snail's body with my mouse.

Like magic, this little guy appeared on my screen. I think he is cute and has a lot of personality. My daughter named him Laggy.

Laggy moves at a blazing dialup speed of 33.6k. He doesn't talk, verbally. Every idea and feeling he wants to express, appears on his monitor. Read his screen and you basically read his mind.

I plan to continuing working on this idea and improving it as much as I can, although I don't think it will get much better than it is right now.

I wish I was as good of a digital artist as nudone. Maybe I will throw this idea in his direction and see if he wants to take the idea and expand on it. I think it could become something great in the hands of someone with real talent and skill. Laggy could be the perfect compliment to Cody...a sort of side kick or friend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Greetings from Whoville

glumbert.com - Pale Blue Dot

I couldn't help but feel like I was living on that tiny dust-speck in Horton Hears a Who, silently shouting "We are here!" to a universe that can't hear us, nor does it really care.

But that is not important, as long as we care.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Halo theme: Corpomix

If you didn't get enough of Corporeal in my last post, here is some more:

If you would like to download the MP3, of this, they have it here on their website: http://www.corporealmusic.net/forthehalofans

3 Guys, 1 Guitar

This 3 members of the progressive rock band Corporeal, from Libertyville, Illinois...all playing the same guitar at the same time.

The song is called 'All We Got'.

Pretty cool stuff!