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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Classroom Divided

In 1960, after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., a third grade teacher decided to give her class a powerful lesson in discrimination by separating them into 2 groups.

On the first day she told all the blue eyed children that they were better than brown eyed one, and reinforced it throughout the day. She gave them special privileges, treated them better.

She told the brown eyed children that they were inferior...stupid, and reinforced this throughout the day. She took away privileges, wouldn't allow them to play with blue eyed children, wouldn't let them drink from the same fountain. She made them wear a collar so you could tell at a distance what color eyes they had.

Then she switched it...told the children she was wrong. And repeated this lesson so that all could learn what it felt like to be judged by something that doesn't matter.

She continues to teach this lesson today...to both children and adults.

Watch all 5 videos (total time: 46:00) What happens and how people react may amaze you.

A Classroom Divided

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Google Amusements

Every once in awhile, Google will provide me with something really stupid that amuses me.

My latest 2 amusements were links pointing at my own sites.

Here is an interesting Google result:


And then there is this little amusement from Gmail that just arrived in my inbox:

Yes, that really is the title of that page. I just think it's funny to see that text in link form, all by itself, with no other description. I mean, really...don't you just want to click a link in an email that looks just like that one?

Kind of reminds me of those 'don't click here' links that ends up crashing your browser when you can't resist temptation and click it. (no, there isn't anything nasty on that site...just a few time wasting amusements)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scripting in Perl Using Voice Recognition in Vista

This video is hilarious...especially when he loses his temper.