Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barbie Wants to Code

I thought the idea of branding was taken a bit too far when I saw this, but I think we can take it to an absurd distance and territories completely unknown, by proposing a fun little exercise for your 1337 Photochop skills.

Now that Hello Kitty has her own antivirus (how can you take a product like that seriously?), Barbie is jealous and wants her own programming IDE...and she wants YOU to design it for her.

Your assignment (if you choose to accept it):

  • Take a screenshot of your favorite IDE.
  • Drag it into the photo editing software of your choice.
  • Dress it up Barbie style...all pink, flowery, and quite girly.
  • Make it look like something Barbie would be proud to code in.
  • Show it off by posting a link to your creation(s) in a comment.
Here is one I quickly did to give you an idea of what I mean and get your creative juices flowing. I am sure you can do much better than this, with a little thought and effort.

Delphi 6 for Barbie:

Delphi 6 for Barbie

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