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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The world's worst name

What were their parents thinking?
I voted for Dick Rash in the world's most unfortunate name poll I voted for Dick Rash in the world's most unfortunate name poll.

Go to
IsThisYour.Name to cast your vote. Do it for the kids.
These are all real names of real people. All of these names are pretty bad and I am sure the people they belong to had it pretty rough growing up with all the teasing.
Some are oddly cute, some just amusing. Some the humor doesn't hit you till you say it out loud. Some will make you giggle, some will make you spit your coffee on your screen.
From a list of thirty, containing names like Mike Hunt, Hugh Jassman, Dwayne Pipe, and Mike Rotch, it would be a difficult task to pick just one.
But of all of these, no matter if you say it or read it, Dick Rash has to be by far the worst name on the list. Nobody would want to have a name like that and the poor boys given this name were probably teased more than anybody else on that list. Their parents should have been charged with child abuse for naming them that.
Please, think before you name your kids and remember what the traditional nicknames are for some first names and don't do something like this to your children.