Friday, June 22, 2007

Web Server in Your Pocket

IPAQ 5500Imagine a web server that can fit in your pocket.

You don't have to be a super mega-geek Linux-loving hardware hacker to do it.

All you need is a Pocket PC running at least Pocket PC 2003 with an internet connection.

Now I haven't tried it out, so I can't supply any instructions, and I am not sure why you would want to run a web server on a Pocket PC other than for the reason "Because I can". Or maybe you might be on a plane and want to do some web development. Maybe you can use the GPS in your device to publish a simple page giving your current location for your friends and family.

Either way, it's kind of insane but sounds like it could be fun.

Bad news for you: You can't do it for free. It will cost you about $78 for all the software and at least $25 - $50 for a year of dynamic DNS service. (depending on if your ISP blocks port 80)

Bad news for me: I am going to miss out on all the fun because my Pocket PC is too old and runs WinCE 3.0 Pocket PC 2000...and I am too broke to afford the expense even if my device was supported.

But if you decide to try it out, I'd love to hear about it. Drop me an email and maybe give me a link to your portable website. (don't worry...I won't share your link or your email address, and I won't spam you.) I'd love to snag some screenshots of your mobile site for a possible update in the future.

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