Monday, January 15, 2007

Tons of Free Legal Music MP3's

www.mikseri.netIn an effort to broaden my musical horizons, and discover stuff I may never have heard or heard of before, I have been wandering around on

I discovered a few .mp3 downloads on my suggestions page and decided to look up the artists on One of them had a link to their page on another site.

A marvelous discovery!

Some of these artists have their stuff covered under a Creative Commons license that allows you to share them freely. So download what you like and fire up your favorite P2P application and share them with your friends, if you want.

Try this:

  1. Where it says "Bändin nimi:" type in something you already like.
  2. You will get a short list of results of artists that list them as an influence.
  3. Go click where they put your artist's name as a link.
  4. You will get a whole page of results.
  5. Click a link from the left column.
  6. On the artist page, click where it says 'download' at the top.
  7. You will get a .zip file full of mp3's.


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