Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NANY Challenge: New Apps for the New Year

Mouser has set the challenge:

To pledge, create, and release a new application for January 1, 2007.

It doesn't matter how big or small...just has to be something new.


This might be just what I need. I said I'd do it. Maybe this will be good for me...push me out of my slump.

Now...what to make?

I am actually nervous about this. I can't think of anything to make...nothing is inspiring me...nothing saying to me "Get your bitch ass into your IDE and make some code!"

I want to make something fun...something different...something that will make people smile.

Maybe something that will make people that don't feel like smiling, smile.

If I can manage to make something that will make me smile, it should work for others, too... since smiles don't come easy for me, lately.

I think I know what I am going to do...I can see it forming in my head...yes...I know what I'm going to make. :-)

You all will be smiling soon.

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