Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Coming soon to a PC in front of you

More Microsoft 'goodies'....

This one in the form of know, that annoying update that has been messing up everyone's pc's.

If they don't think your copy of Windows is 'genuine' they nag you with popups about it. Unfortunately too many with legal copies are being nagged...and worse. It has caused big problems with RAID arrays.

So far you have been able to 'opt out' of installing this, and still be able to get security updates.

But soon it will be mandatory to have this crap installed in order to get updates. And very soon it will be required if you want Windows to work at all. And what if it doesn't pass? Your copy of Windows may self destruct. Who knows what may happen to your personal data that isn't part of Windows.

Microsoft isn't denying any of this. My advice to you is to back up your important data now, just in case, or go back to using Windows 2000.

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