Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Incredible Two Inch Tall Programmer

Every time I make a fuck up, it seems as if Ranma is there to catch it and give me a lesson on something. It's not that I don't appreciate his lessons, because I do...very much. The problem is that he seems to be the one always catching them. I am beginning to get the idea with all the fuck ups I make and he catches, he must think I am some real idiot or something.

I wrote a small silly program in C recently. Nothing much. Just a command line version of a madlib (you remember those from when you were a kid?) I showed this program with the source to Hollow, Krish, Renko, Tom, and a few others. None of them told me about my stupid mistake I made. A mistake I made because my tutorial was WRONG. How was I supposed to know that? I am just a beginner...a TOTAL noob to C. I know nothing this book hasn't told me yet, and I only know what it has told me, and nothing more.

You would think that those that I showed the program to, that know C, would have caught the mistake I made and that I could have had a chance to fix it before showing it to Ranma. But no, none of them did. Not even Renko. I'll have to excuse Renko, since C really isn't one of his languages. The one to catch it, as usual, was Ranma.

Ranma is sharp, observant, very logical thinking. I have a lot of respect for him. I appreciate his help, his teaching, his sharing his knowledge with me. I just wish I didn't make so many fuck ups for him to catch. It kind of makes me feel about 2 inches tall when he catches another one. If I am going to make fuck ups, I would like someone else to spot them for a change. I am a little tired of the embarrassment.

It's sort of like walking down the street and tripping whenever you pass a certain person. You may never trip at any other time, but since you only trip in front of him, he may incorrectly begin to think you are very clumsy. I am tired of tripping in front of Ranma.