Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why What Ann Romney Thinks and Says Is Relevant

Ann_Romney_CPAC_2011 I posted this link on a social network, and an interesting discussion spawned, involving the idea that what Ann Romney thinks and says is irrelevant, because she isn't the one running for President, her husband Mitt is.

While on the surface that idea might seem logical, in reality, it isn't.


No married President comes alone to the White House. What their spouse thinks and believes is relevant when it is their spouse that they will be sleeping next to, talking to, getting advice from, while behind closed doors.

A marriage is still a marriage, and I think most of us married people, who know just how much influence we have on our spouses, know why what Ann Romney thinks, does matter.

Would anyone be willing to deny that Hillary ever had an influence on Bill Clinton during his Presidency? If you'd say yes about her, but not the spouse of any other President, why?

I guess in the case of Ann and Mitt Romney it would come down to and depend on who is influencing who, wouldn't it? And we have no real way of knowing that. Maybe her comparison of military service to missionary work is hers and hers alone, and she has no influence on how her husband views military service or anything else. Or maybe she does. Or maybe that is her husband's views and he has influenced her.

And this isn't really about her views on just this one topic. It's about everything that Mitt stands for, thinks, and does. It's also about the spouse of every married President, past, present, and future.

Some questions for all the married people out there, anyone that has ever been married in the past, in a close relationship, or grew up in a two parent household (in this case, answer the questions based on your observations of the behaviors of your parents) ...

  • Did you ever come home and discuss your job with your spouse?
  • Did they ever discuss theirs with you?
  • Did either of you ever give the other any sort of advice?
  • Ever listen to that advice?
  • Ever act on it?
  • Did discussions with them on any topic, work or non-work related, ever lead to you changing your point of view on anything?

I think what I am asking is if you had a normal marriage based on teamwork that spilled outside the bedroom?

Because the only way one wouldn't understand the relevance of what Ann thinks and says, is if they didn't, and the concept was unheard of to them.

And I don't believe that for a moment. Every marriage contains a certain amount of teamwork and influencing of each other.

(and yes, this was all rhetorical, I am not trying to pry into anyone's personal business, so don't answer...just think about it.)


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