Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gardens of Time Game Guide: Speakeasy Blitz

In case you were having trouble locating all 62 items in the game, here is a list of their co-ordinates and a screenshot with a grid to help you find them. They are in letter-number format, so locate the letter on the side, then the number across the top or bottom of the image and where they intersect, you will find the item. Click on the image to open it full size.

Even if you memorize where everything is, it will still be pretty difficult (if not near impossible) to click them all within the 60 seconds they allow you. Best I have been able to get is 43.

Please do not ask where any specific item is in a comment. Look it up in the screenshot. It's all there, mapped out for you.

Good luck!



  • Amythyst ring Q-31
  • Ankh Q-12
  • Axe O-2
  • Banana K-4
  • Baseball bat Q-14
  • Bell C-17
  • Books E-14
  • Bowl N-15
  • Bowling pin H-12
  • Brass trophy N-3
  • Broom R-6
  • Buckle E-2
  • Buddah K-7
  • Butcher knife M-30
  • Camera I-20
  • Cane P-24
  • Cannon Q-18
  • Checker board P-7
  • Cigar N-26
  • Computer monitor K-28
  • Cork N-17
  • Crown B-9
  • Cue ball M-26
  • Curtain F-28
  • Dart G-28
  • Dart board F-25
  • Deer mount F-22
  • Dice O-30
  • Feather K-18
  • Fish D-13
  • Footprints P-22

  • Gold bars P-10
  • Hammer K-15
  • Hat R-23
  • Heart I-22
  • Horn N-18
  • Hourglass P-21
  • Ladder H-21
  • Lantern I-25
  • Lighter P-29
  • Lock K-31
  • Mole J-22
  • Money bag J-19
  • Monkey L-16
  • Phantom mask O-19
  • Piano keys E-9
  • Pitcher J-24
  • Playing card M-1
  • Plug H-31
  • Scissors P-18
  • Seahorse F-18
  • Spoon P-16
  • Spring G-17
  • Spyglass K-26
  • Star H-4
  • Table lamp H-27
  • Thermos N-4
  • Triangle K-21
  • Wallet R-20
  • Wheat penny R-3
  • Wheel L-14
  • Wrench K-3

I will post other guides like this one, if and when I can find all the items, then find the time to map them.