Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Chop These Up and Have Some Fun (CC-BY)

Here are a bunch of desktop wallpapers that I made way back when I thought 800x600 was the standard. Since desktop resolutions are much higher today, they really aren't suitable for that purpose any more.
I have decided to re-release them under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and let everyone have some fun chopping them up and turning them into new art. Just give credit by linking back here, anywhere that you display them or works created with them.

Update: these have been moved to my art site. Go there for the full sized images.

a-brick_wall a-bubbleangels
a-colored_glass a-eclipse
a-first_mountain a-red
a-second_mountain a-solunar_eclipse
a-space_thing a-winter_oak4

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