Monday, April 27, 2009

The easy and fun way to market your message to millions of people

Too many so-called “experts” are saying that if you have some message that you want to tell the world, that you need to have tons of followers on Twitter. They write blog posts and tutorials explaining how to do it, and sell tools and services to help you rapidly get as many followers as you can.

But they are wrong...dead wrong. You don't need any followers on twitter, none at all. You don't even need a twitter account.

You can reach more people in more places, including Twitter and Facebook, by just getting the right people on Friendfeed to follow you.

But who are the right people?

Anyone with a large following on both Friendfeed and Twitter that is highly active and will be likely to respond to your messages, blog posts, and whatever other content you post by clicking that "like" link, who also has his Friendfeed account set up to post his activities, including "likes" to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. And if your content gets reshared or retweeted, the potential reach can be explosive!

And it takes only a handful of power users to potentially spread your message to millions.

But the really tricky part is getting them to follow you and clicking that golden "like" link, which you can only do if what you post is of good quality and relevant to their interests, and you are actively social, commenting and clicking that "like" link on theirs and other people's content.

This isn't something you can fake your way through. You are either the real deal or it just will not work. Luckily you will have a blast and make a ton of new friends while you are doing it, because Friendfeed is a whole lot of fun and loaded with tons of great discussions around great content.

Social media "experts", internet marketers, get rich quick on the internet scammers, and spammers need not bother even trying. This kind of powerful marketing was not made for you.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fix: Can’t access HTML of my template after adding a frame busting script

oops You do not want to use a frame busting script in the template of a Blogger based blog.

It will disable your ability to use the upper toolbar in the layouts mode, and you will not be able to access the HTML of your template without a bit of "URL hacking" to get to it.

If you have added it and can't access the HTML of your template, just change the layout URL, replacing the word "display" with "html".


change this:
to this:

Now you can find and remove the frame busting script and everything will work normal again.

Free Header Graphic: Peachy

Just messing around again, and created another graphic for you to use.

The sample is shown at 50%. Click to see it full size (800x250).

The font used is Aldridge Script SSK.

Zip file includes PSD, PSP, PNG (blank), and JPG (blank).


Download link can be found on my art site.