Friday, July 20, 2007

Lawyers Love Instant Boss!

American Bar Association Journal - July 2007 I am feeling a little stunned today.

I found out that an article in the July issue of the American Bar Association Journal, recommends one of my software applications, Instant Boss.

This is the magazine read by half of all lawyers in America. And this isn't in some small article buried somewhere in the back of the magazine that nobody is going to read. This is in their cover story...the main article.

It made #31 on their top 101 productivity tips & tricks list:

31 If you have trouble staying focused, you can make Instant Boss your digital task­master. You can set it to time your tasks and your breaks from those tasks, allowing it to nag you on a schedule of your choosing.

This was totally unexpected.

Now I will have to go out and find a copy, and buy it. :-D

The only criticism I really have with the article, is that the online version doesn't contain any links to the sites of most of the software mentioned. I am hoping there was a page at the end of the print edition article that contained the URL's.

Of course now I'll have to get busy working on the next version of Instant Boss, including in it all those great ideas that I have been collecting for the last year.

Read the full article.

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