Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Machine is Us

I spotted this one in a friend's blog:

At first I was going to leave this as a reply to his post, but I felt it was worthy to be a post of its own, somewhere, rather than risk it becoming 'lost' in the form of a it gives me a chance to spread this video to people that would otherwise miss it because they don't read Chaim's blog.

Chaim's only remarks on this video was this:

I do not want to taint this with commentary other than to say this will help people to “get it”.

I know why so many don't get it, though.

Having an internet connection isn't the same as 'being connected'. That doesn't happen till you have your epiphany and come to consciously realize that there are real human beings on the other side of it all. Not just with the IM's and emails to people you know in real life...but all of it.

It usually doesn't happen to people till they meet a single solitary person online that changes everything. They make a connection to this person and they are forever changed.

For some people it happens sooner than others. Until it happens to you, you really won't get it and you don't care. Once it does, your life and your attitudes towards everything become very different.

You become a different person inside, very aware of the smallness of this world and of the marks you leave on it...and the marks left by others take on a whole new meaning. It's very much like the magic moment Helen Keller had where she made the connection between the sign and that it actually meant 'water'.

Those connections are very powerful and can cause people to defend their 'place of text' much like they would defend their own physical home from an invading enemy.

Why else would a group of people fight so hard to save a chat community and keep it alive if it wasn't for the bonds to others that they have created there? Why won't they move on and just join another community or another P2P network and let the old one die? They chain themselves to it because it really is their home and the people there have become their families.

They have all had their epiphany and their online life has become more real. They are 'connected'. They see the other reality that exists. To the rest that don't 'get it' yet, and are still blind, we are all still just text on a screen.

Web 2.0 is the product of a collective epiphany in an effort to share that life changing experience and open the eyes of as many others as possible.

We are raising our voices and crying out from our individual dust specks "We are here!"


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