Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crappy Birthday to Me - The big 4-0

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 4-0...

You know what I got?

My husband came home late as usual, and handed me a 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper and a pack of Djarums. I am assuming that's my birthday gifts even though it didn't even come with a "Happy Birthday"

At least it's gifts that match the person this time. Not like the stupid ugly stuffed bear he gave me a couple of years ago that he sent someone that doesn't know me to a store to go pick out.

But this is my husband...not some not-so-close friend that I can make excuses for. This man has spent the last 20 years with me and should know me by now. Enough to know what I want & need and would enjoy.

Now for the no-so-crappy gifts:

My daughter, as broke as she is, plans on getting me a gift...she said so. That's enough of a gift from her to make me happy. It truly is the thought that counts. My reply to her is that she is already giving me a gift...she is making GREAT progress with cleaning the mess in her room that has been piling up for the last 7 years. (it really looked like hell in there and is the subject of many jokes, like if she ever cleaned it she might find Jimmy Hoffa) I am stunned when standing in her doorway's starting to look like a "normal" room again!

Hollow is such a sweetie. He asked me to pick some movies from a website and said he was going to rent them, copy them, and mail them to me. I picked out The Man With the Golden Arm, Pink Floyd - The Wall, and Batman Returns.

zibo & ReVoLT both sent me MSN "presents"....first zibo sent me 270 of those silly graphics...then ReVoLT had to outdo him by sending me

Jim sent me 40 birthday whacks on my ass over msn...then "licked the red mark" He's such a clown.

Mother Nature gave me some snow...and I didn't even know it till just a few seconds ago. I really need to look out my window more often.