Sunday, July 09, 2006

Are you ready to try Linux?

You have been running Windows since forever and Windows is all you know. But you are getting fed up with the security holes and instability. You are tired of paying for OS upgrades. You are curious about alternatives to Windows, but are you ready for Linux? What do you really know about Linux? What do you need to know?

This article attempts to give you the newbie's facts in order to help you make up your mind as to whether you want to try Linux or not. This is not for the experienced Linux user or someone that has already made up their mind. This is more for the 'lin-curious' ones out there seeking some info.

It will attempt to answer these 6 questions:

  1. How many versions of Linux are there?

  2. What applications are available for Linux? And what the heck is LAMP?

  3. How can I listen to some tunes?

  4. What "desktop" environment should I use with my distro?

  5. Linux on the server, Linux on the desktop -- which is it?

  6. You've given me lots of facts, but not much advice. How do I get started?

Six Things You Didn't Know About Linux: A Beginners' Guide

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